While working across various facets of the Sports industry for the last decade, our founder, Jared Gladstone, saw a consistent need amongst his clients - demanding schedules prevented them from focusing on the finer things in life in the manner they deserved.


This pattern was visible across the board - whether working at an agency, marketing firm or even within the financial sector - Jared continued to field the same calls from his athlete clients.  Each client was looking for someone to alleviate the daily pressures and secure the things that they desired. Clients would ask for restaurant reservations, connections for tickets, travel discounts, relocation assistance after a trade or simply provide support to their families while on the road throughout the season.


It was then that ASSIST was formed - it was born out of Jared's basic idea that his clients deserved a dedicated remote assistant to help them simplify their life off the playing field.  ASSIST is dedicated to providing our clients with unsurpassed individualized service.  We do this by becoming a trusted part of the client's off-ice team. 


We go out of our way each and every day to deliver the best in marketing, leisure, travel and an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle feel. 


We pride ourselves on the level of trust we establish with our clients - a rapport that is built upon honest communication and a detailed understanding of each client's unique needs.  Ultimately, our singular goal is to allow you the opportunity to live your life to its fullest potential.