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The Athlete ASSIST works with a team of real estate agents that have a both a deep knowledge and proven track record of performance in the luxury real estate market. In many cases our real estate agents are able to locate and deliver real estate options for our clients that sometimes are not available to the general public as a result of their local market experience and contacts within the athlete community.

In addition – each of our representatives brings local market relationships and insight needed for both short and long term real estate solutions for professional athletes.  This added value is not something to take lightly when you find yourself and your family experiencing a mid-season trade or release.

Our team can come into your home and help you with one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks of moving. With your guidance, we can assist with packing boxes for your upcoming move using your supplies. Having a helping hand when you're packing your belongings can expedite the process and simplify moving.

The ASSIST team helped make our transition to the New York area easy, which for my family is something we don’t take for granted.”
-Dan Boyle, NHL Legend

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