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Exclusive Services

ASSIST is dedicated to providing our clients with unsurpassed quality customer service. We do that by going out of our way each and every day to deliver the best in marketing, leisure, travel and an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle feel.


Our goal is to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed both on and off the playing field.  You are in a unique position, after many years of hard work, and we want to leverage that to capitalize on every opportunity we can find.  Whether it be marketing or equipment deals to car deals and vacation deals - we want to help build a brand around your name.


Additionally, we are here to help ease the rigors of a professional sports season for both you and your family.  We specialize in travel, relocation, real estate and car transactions all the way to party planning, vacation planning, concert and sporting events.


Our goal, for you as an Assist Client, is to maximize your earnings and also your savings during your time as a professional athlete, while allowing you to do whats important to you.