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We invite you to dream a simple idea: an idea of the perfect garment. Our partners at ESQ are a team of master tailors create one of a kind bespoke garments for the most discerning gentlemen around the world. ESQ Bespoke is so much more than your typical custom suit; its an opportunity for us to showcase not just what a bespoke garment truly is, but also the experience of fabric and design you've never had. It starts with a meeting between you and your designer. This is the beginning of a handmade garment built around you.

The fabric, the style, the finish: all are decided here. Together with our comprehensive 34 measurements will make the garment's fit truly yours. Our designers will note the smallest details, whether that be a differing slope in the shoulder to one larger calf muscle, to guarantee the perfect fit.

But the ESQ Bespoke journey starts long before your first fitting: from the farms of Australia, New Zealand and other more exotic locales, to the wool mills across Italy and the U.K, ESQ Bespoke simply exceeds the sheer number of fabric selections, currently which stands at over 40,000. Clients may choose everything, including fabric you wish to create.

Henrik Lundqvist in ESQ Clothing

ESQ Bespoke goes way beyond suiting as well. Anything from formalwear to informal attire, including outwear, shirting and footwear can be created.

Whereas the vast majority of custom suits are machine made with Asian fabrics, canvas and thread; ESQ Bespoke is handmade from the start, utilizing the best Italian/English fabric, Italian/German canvassing and Gutermann thread. This, and that we will have your garment ready in 30 days.

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